Sunday, April 25, 2010

Glutinous Rice Dumpling (Bak Cang) boyfriend's parents had been stayed in Sydney for a week
they came for holiday...

 today i have learnt how to make Bak Cang from his mum : ))


 500 gr garlic
500 gr shallot
1 kg lean pork

Dried shrimp

 Glutinous Rice
Dried Chestnut
 Red Bean Paste
Bamboo Leaves
Long Strings (For binding leave)


soak the glutinous rice
 roughly about 2 hour

 soften the bamboo leaves with hot water

boil the dried chestnut until tender

fry the shallot until golden brown

fry the garlic until golden brown as well

fry dried shrimp and shitake

saute the lean pork 

P.S : it will produce some water during cooking, we need to cook until it's really dry

put in some soy sauce, salt and pepper

and then mix with the fried shallot; gralic; shitake; and dried shrimp

Bak Cang's filling

How to make dumpling:

put a spoon of rice in the leave

put a spoon of filling on the top of the rice

cover again with rice

shape the dumpling and bind them with string

P.S: shape a dumpling is not as easy as we see.
it has taken me several time to make a perfect shape.
i need to practice a lot


so far i have made about ten dumplings : ))))))))

10 out of 35 dumplings...LOL

aren't they beautiful???

we need to boil those dumplings for 3 hours time


atm, we are still in our 3rd round to boil those dumplings
it will be ready at 9.30 tonight..

as we have started to make dumplings from 12.30 this afternoon
9 hour to produce 35 dumplings

the first round of dumplings were ready at 6.30 just now

tada~~~ heavenly nice dumplings 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chicken Rendang

i have found a chicken rendang's mix few days ago at grocery
and i cooked it today : )
it was easy and simple

follow the instruction

3 packets in it

1st packet : curry powder

add 100 ml water to make a paste

curry paste

2nd packet : coconut powder

add 150 ml water

coconut milk

prepare the chicken

heat oil in a wok

saute curry paste until fragrant 

add coconut milk

put chicken

turn heat to minimum and cover

stir occasionally
cook for about 30 minutes

when the chicken is ready, put 3rd packet to the chicken and mix

chicken rendang is ready to serve 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

coconut pancake

i stayed at home for the whole saturday
weather slightly change a bit cold
and home is the best to stay at : )

i just wanted to make something
but i ran out of rice flour and coconut cream
still need to go out and buy
with my very messy binded hair, i thought no one in the street..who knows??? CROWDED!!!
hahaha...i was the ugliest one yesterday..:p

what did i make??


what we need are:

1. Rice flour - 170 grams
2glutinous rice flour - 3 tbsp
3. baking powder - 1 tsp
4. palm sugar - 1 block
5. coconut cream - 220 grams
6. shredded coconut - roughly 3 to 4 tbsp (optional) *

* i added shredded coconut to add texture for the pancake

7 . eggs - 2 L eggs
8. sugar - 3 tbsp
9. pinch of salt

 mixed all of the ingredient together to make pancake's batter

on non-stick fry pan, heat up a bit oil

take a spoonful of batter then pour it on the pan

P.S : turn the gas to minimum
to avoid any burnt

flip over the pancake
pan fry until slightly golden brown

arrange them in a plate

serve with melted palm sugar

P.S: to melt the palm sugar,add a bit water; chop finely the palm sugar;
bring to boil

best serve as breakfast or afternoon-snack

= )

Hop!! Hop!! ........ Happy Easter