Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fried Sambal Fish (Ikan Goreng Sambal)

Fried Sambal Fish


red onion
tamarind juice

fry fish until golden brown
blend all spices to make a paste
saute the paste until fragrant
add salt; tamarind juice; and sugar

toast the fried fish with sambal

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Indonesian Fried Noodle

Well...what is the first image that flip over your mind when someone mention "Indonesian Fried Noodle"
i will tell it is heavenly nice..

especially the "mie goreng" sells at Bintan Beach Resort Hotel.
Bintan Beach is a "mini resort" from my hometown - Tanjung Pinang.

P.S: Mie goreng is the appropriate translation for fried noodle in indonesia

Tanjung Pinang is just a small city, but it is great place to stay
life there was much simpler than Sydney (of course!!)

I will went to Bintan Beach Resort for swimming often when i was still in high school
They will have a "Saturday package" (if i am not wrong)
we just need to pay out Rp.10.000 on that day to swim and they will give us a complimentary food
"Mie Goreng"
It was damn nice!! 

i tried to make this Indonesia dishes just now

How it tells?? : )

i blended all the spices and ingredients together to make paste

Onion; garlic; candle nut; dried shrimp; shrimp paste; chilies
saute until fragrant

In the mean time prepare the prawn and eggs in a seperate wok
Beat eggs, lightly cook together with prawn
Set aside

Toast the noodle with the paste and stir fry for about 5 minutes, add sweet soy sauce (as desire)
mix with eggs and prawn
salt and pepper to taste

garnish with parsley and fried onion (optional)