Thursday, May 20, 2010

Indonesian Fried Noodle

Well...what is the first image that flip over your mind when someone mention "Indonesian Fried Noodle"
i will tell it is heavenly nice..

especially the "mie goreng" sells at Bintan Beach Resort Hotel.
Bintan Beach is a "mini resort" from my hometown - Tanjung Pinang.

P.S: Mie goreng is the appropriate translation for fried noodle in indonesia

Tanjung Pinang is just a small city, but it is great place to stay
life there was much simpler than Sydney (of course!!)

I will went to Bintan Beach Resort for swimming often when i was still in high school
They will have a "Saturday package" (if i am not wrong)
we just need to pay out Rp.10.000 on that day to swim and they will give us a complimentary food
"Mie Goreng"
It was damn nice!! 

i tried to make this Indonesia dishes just now

How it tells?? : )

i blended all the spices and ingredients together to make paste

Onion; garlic; candle nut; dried shrimp; shrimp paste; chilies
saute until fragrant

In the mean time prepare the prawn and eggs in a seperate wok
Beat eggs, lightly cook together with prawn
Set aside

Toast the noodle with the paste and stir fry for about 5 minutes, add sweet soy sauce (as desire)
mix with eggs and prawn
salt and pepper to taste

garnish with parsley and fried onion (optional)

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