Friday, November 12, 2010

"I Heard your Wish!!"

I am officially 22 after 12 am this morning!! 
I had a very special and unforgettable birthday this year...
A birthday that was very meaningful for me which i didn't even want to acknowledge that i am actually 22 now!! 
I wish i can always stay at 18 forever...Lol!!

Still remember my Birthday Wish i have posted before? 
I was just bullshitting around and wrote up those kitchen utensils that i want to have!!
I know it will not come true... 
Nope, i mean it will come true but it will be using my own money to grant it!!

My Birthday Present From Management Lecturer - i have a QUIZ on my birthday!!

I was just about to memorize those confusing management theory
Someone knocked my door!!
On my mind: " It was Hery"

Who knows??
A Fairy and his Prince came in!!!!!!!
I was shocked!! really shocked!!
I never expect it!!

Fairy and his Prince sang a birthday song for me, holding a Strawberry Cheese Cake and enter my room!!
I was sitting there stupidly, didn't know what to do...hahaha...Dumb!!
( there is a reason actually - girl in a midnight!! I don't know whether you guys do it or not ? But i do!! i will take off something started with "B" ended with "A") obvious enough? 
comment me for answer if you haven't figured out what it is? hahaha...

I came outside!! all i can say was only OMG OMG and OMG!! i didn't know what to say except OMG Thank You followed by a Hug!! 

I was so touched + happy + want to cry + still shocked!! haha..
I acted so unaturally for sure, didn't know what was i doing that time!!
Took something and dropped it!! walked here and there!! 

But all i can say was only OMG, THX MONICA!! i was lousy in expressing myself!! hahaha...
I really appreciated it!! so so so much!! 

I thought it's done - time to eat the cake!!! yay!!!

But Harris went up and hugged two huge parcels to home!! 
OMG!!! those were the thing i "bullshitted-but-want-to-have" on my wish list!!
hahaha... again OMG!! i have mentioned countless OMG today!! : )

Oven and Slowcooker!!!!!!

Give me "Home Sauna" next time yeah?? haha...

Posing with slow cooker,hahaha...

Thanks for this lovely picture

Thanks for the lovely card

Thanks for the oven; slow cooker & cheese cake
Thanks for sacrificing your study time and sang happy birthday song for me
Thanks for making my wish came true!!
Thank you Fairy and Harris

Blessing Day!!! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Banana in Pyjamas Desk Bin


So, I practised for my magic mantra !!
Was hoping I can turn a rubbish to a gold...

Hom Ma Li Hom!!
Rubbish turns to gold~~

However I misspelled my mantra in a half way

So bad, my rubbish had turned to bin = Rubbish Bin

But it was a cute yet practical bin!!  : )

Mr. Banana was introducing himself

And asked for food 5 minutes later

I fed him whatever food that I can found in the fridge!!

Mr. Banana is full now and want to sleep


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mee Rebus

First of all let's change the word "Hubby" to "S"
I found it's quite mushy everytime i typed it... lol!!

"S" suddenly mumbled a lot of Tanjung Pinang's hawker foods few nights ago before sleeping
"When i go back to T.P, i want to eat bla bla bla....and bla bla bla...."

One of the food he mentioned was Mee Rebus
Then my brain was starting to work !!!
As i knew Mee Rebus isn't a complicated food to cook...

The next morning, i started to search for lots of recipe on the internet
I combined every recipe, added every ingredients to my recipe list as i thought will turn nice, then i made my own conclusion 
 "S" said it was nice but still lack of something - nutty flavour!!
"S" bro said it was like "Indian" food, haha... - i added curry powder in it (maybe i should discard it from my recipe next time)
I will never ask his little bro because everytime i did - he will say "nice-nice" even he hasn't touch the

So this is my first attempt!!

Dry ingredients:
1 kg Egg Noodle
500 gr Bean Sprout
1 packet Tofu Puff
2 Green Chilies
Fried Shallot
4 Eggs
2 Stalk Coriander 

Boil eggs - de shelled and set aside
Soak Noodle in hot water for 5 minutes - drained and set aside
Cut the Tofu Puff into bite size
Prepare for Green Chilies; Fried Shallot and Coriander to garnish

Gravy ingredients:
15 Shallots (I used 10 Shallots and 1 Red Onion)
10 Dried Chilies - de seeded and soak
5 cloves Garlic
1 inch Galangal
1 inch Ginger
1 tbsp Turmeric Powder
1 tbsp Coriander Powder
1 tsp Lemon Grass Powder
1 tbsp Curry Powder
10 Candle Nut
3 tbsp Salted Soy Bean (Tao cio)
1 tbsp Shrimp Paste (Belacan)
1/4 bowl Oil
1,6 litre Water - can be substituted with Chicken Broth

Bring all of the Gravy ingredients to blender - process to paste form (except 1,6 litre Water)
Saute the paste in a teflon until fragrant
Bring to boil with 1,6 litre Water / Chicken Broth
Add Seasoning 
( Add the diluted Tapioca Starch lastly after the Gravy has boiled )

2 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp Salt
2 tbsp Tapioca Starch - diluted with 150 ml Water

Place those dry ingredients in a plate, pour the warm Gravy over
Garnish with Green Chilies; Coriander and Fried Shallot

Happy Cooking!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vegetarian Taco

I love fresh foods such as raw vegetables and fruits
I am not a big meat eater, and always stick to healthy food as much as i can
I will be very good on my diet sometimes, however sometime i will go wild for food, haha...
I think that's the reason i can't maintain my weight very well : )

Honestly, i am not as care as i did in the past, i always had a very strict diet in order to get my dream body!! that's very bad and i often suffered from gastric pain!!

After i have done my uni project about eating disorder, i knew a lot about this mental illness!! besides it makes people look ill and ugly.... it can kill a life after periods of time!! 

I suffered bulimia nervosa when i was young!! I always think i was fat!! I often ate a large amount of food in the same time,  i felt regret and started to think a lot of method to get rid of those excess calories i have taken!! i starved myself the next day, consumed laxative pill or tea, i weighted myself 3 times a day, i over-exercised myself, i isolated myself and all i thought was only my weight and being skinny!! 

My life was "grey"!! while there were still a lot of fun outside, especially at my age that time!! day after day my health was getting poor!! until one day I got a high fever and fainted!!

 I was seriously ill and hospitalized for 2 weeks, i was so sick that time!! I can't do nothing beside staying in the hospital!! i was hospitalized for a week in Indonesia without any improvement!! Doctor said i was having a dengue fever!! but my blood test seemed negative!! it was weird!! my stomach got bigger and bigger day after day, i can't consume any food!! my stomach was just so bloated and I had 39 degree of fever for almost a week, up and down, never better!! 

My parents was so worried and sent me to Singapore, i stayed there for 8 days!! doctor said i suffered from intestine infection because of my bad eating style. I need to be hospitalized otherwise it will be worsen. Doctor took my blood every day until i was so numb to feel the injection anymore. My health was just bad that time!! Only a 5 minutes walk, i felt dizzy and tired!! i lost a lot of weight during that time.

After i was home, i still need to take my infusion 3 times a day for a week, nurse came to my house everyday. My arm was seriously bruised!! and people outside was looking at me like an alien because there was an infusion needle on my arm... i supposed to rest at home but i just went everywhere : ) i can't sit down and do nothing..haha...Dad was the person who had worried me a lot!! i kept nagging by him that time, asked me to lay down and rest... i just sneaked out with mum or sister... :p

How much medical fee that my parents had spent just because i was joking around with my own health. I felt so bad!! 

After that, i realized how important to be healthy!! I start to eat healthy and enjoying my food every mouthful...Food is a bless not a sin... I have been gaining a lot of weight since i came to Sydney, but i am not that worry about my weight as i did before!! i want to lose some weight now but i never starve myself like before!! Life is much happier and enjoyable!! 

Healhty can be tasty too : )

Vegetarian Taco

1 Rye Soft Wrap
4 Cherry tomatoes
20 gr Lettuce
20 gr Carrot
1 stalk Green Onion
 1/4 Avocado

Slightly toast the Wrap on a Teflon
Cut Lettuce; Cherry Tomatoes; Avocado; Green Onion into bite size
Mix grated Carrot with Almond Butter - spread on the Wrap
Put the rest ingredients on the top of the Wrap
Add a dash of Pepper

Enjoy your meal!! : )

Health is Wealth

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Christmas Wish

I always in LOVE with Cooking; Baking and Crafting!!
I will be as creative as possible for these 3 precious hobbies : )
I love to share everything i have created to everybody...

While munching on these yummy food, i will never forget to stay healthy - I will start my day with an Almond Butter toast as my breakfast to keep myself fit and stay alert for the rest activities!!

Life is full of hidden-surprise!! I love to surprise myself with "DIY" creation!! 
I'll never leave home until my nail is pretty : )
Going out with my Lovely Hair-Band makes my day!! I got a lot of compliments from others : )


Christmas is in the corner!!
I keep thinking about what Christmas gifts that I wish to have

One night,
I have been brought by a Fairy to "LA-LA" land 
I saw a lot of things that i want to have : )
" I wish Santa Claus will grant my wish this Christmas!!"

I keep Thinking Thinking Thinking of my dream.... while i was walking today
 and made my 6th wish in no time :p
"My life will be so WONDERFUL if I can search for nice recipes, craft ideas........ on the go!!!"

I really hope i can win an I-Pad from Nuffnang
Nuffnang please be my Santa Claus!!! : )



Sunday, November 7, 2010

Super Star

I always dream to be a Famous Singer one day

I'll keep thinking even i am ......
Walking ...

Eating ....

Studying ...


I will make the same wishes on every birthday

Never expected that "Wish Fairy" heard my Birthday Wish!!!

One Day
I am sitting in the park
I start to day-dreaming 
I look up the sky 

I SEE A FLYING FAIRY on the sky!!!

I rub my eyes once, twice, ......... 1000x times 
I pinch myself to check whether i am still dreaming
But, no matter how hard I rub my eyes; how hurt I can feel the pinch

I still couldn't believe my eyes
I run home excitedly
 Turn on my computer 
I see a new mail!!

DK Idol 3 is holding a competition for TALENTED SINGERS!!!

Hey, there!!
Do you always dream to be a SUPER STAR ?
Now you can let your dream becomes reality!!

DK Idol 3 is searching for the SHINIEST STAR started from 26th November 2010 - 10th December 2010

Come and Join us at these FANTABULOUS night!!
All Sydney's International Student are proudly invited!!

Not only you can let everybody know your voice!! 
There are Lots  LotsLots of Fantastic Prizes are waiting for YOU!!

Enter for FREE now!! You will also get benefit of FREE FOOD & BEVERAGES

Not a fabulous singer??
It isn't a Big Deal!!!
Join the EXCITING GAMES & LUCKY DRAW with DK Idol 3!!!
There are a LOTS of prizes will be given out to the audiences as well!!

Join DK IDOL 3!!

Contestant MUST
Hold a student visa or working holiday visa
English Song ONLY
Fill up the application form 
DON'T FORGET to bring your ID to register

DK IDol 3 will select "3 winners" from each week ( 26 November; 3 December; 10 December) to compete in the FINAL SHOW - 17 December 2010

Exciting Prizes
1st Winner
Presents from education institutions
6 Cruise Tickets for 2 hours with DK executive cruise at Darling Harbour
$ 500 AUD from DK Science and Learning

2nd Winner
Presents from education institutions
6 Cruise Tickets for 2 hours with DK executive cruise at Darling Harbour
$ 250 AUD from DK Science and Learning

3rd Winner

Presents from education institutions
$ 150 AUD from DK Science and Learning

For further information, please visit/contact:
DK Science and Learning
(02) 924644566
Level 2, 355 SussexStreet
Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia


Email :

Don't Miss Out the most fun and biggest international singing competition in Sydney



Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kaya Steamed Bun

I have made Kaya Steamed Bun on last Tuesday
I was so surprised that the dough was much fluffier and softer compare with my previous attempt
I adapted this dough recipe from My Little Space

I can't shape bun very well actually, all i can is only make round Bun, hahaha...

I need to improve my Bun-shaping skill!


Dough A 
150 ml Water
185 gr Cake flour
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 tsp Yeast

Mix and let it proof over night (cover with a lid)

Dough B
375 gr Pao Flour
25 gr Oil
100 gr Water
180 gr Sugar

In a seperate bowl mix in
2 tbsp Baking Powder
3 tbsp Water


Mix Dough A, let it proof over night
Mix Dough B followed by Dough A, knead until smooth
Mix in 2 tbsp Baking Powder and 3 tbsp Water in a separate bowl, gently fold into the Bun Dough, knead
Divide the Flour into a small pieces, add filling and shape
Rest the Bun for 45 minutes before steaming
Finally steam in a high heat for 30 minutes

Happy Cooking!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mad Happy!!

Still remember my wishes i have made few days ago?

Well, even it isn't a home sauna!! At least you have granted half of my wish!! Or did you give me a hint that i should lose some weight?  Lol!! Whatever!! 

Last night, hubby suddenly asked me to join Fitness First!! I was so WOW!! i didn't mention anything about my wish!! 

reason why i WOW:
i don't have to spend any of my pocket money  - He paid for me *evil laugh*
I can enjoy sauna facilities just by 2 minutes walk
I love to swim
Let's grab this chance to lose some weight - i am a giant now!! :p

Did somebody show him my wish list?? 

As i have said i will love you 1000 x more
Cook you nice 3 meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner + appetizer and dessert!!

Since you have granted half of my wish!! then i will love 500 x more
Cook for you so-so-only meals + dessert then... :p

 Love You!!

Sunny Side Up Egg and Luncheon Meat Noodle Soup

I will always store some canned food at home as a preparation for my lunch or dinner when i am busy to go out for grocery shopping.I have been eating luncheon meat since i was young. However, i will not use any canned / instant food when i am able to go out for fresh foods : ) I treated them as an emergency food. 

This is another easy, comfort and hearty meal to be enjoyed as your lunch or dinner. 
It is simple to be prepared and not much ingredient is needed to make this meal. 
As I am busying with my uni report yesterday, I didn't step out from home the whole day. I am glad it's almost done, hopefully will be submitted by today : )

Isn't it exciting to poke the half cooked egg yolk? :p

150 gr Noodle
1 Egg
2 slices of Luncheon Meat
Green Onion (finely chopped)

Boil the Noodle in a pot, 2 minutes at highest heat
Drain the noodle - rinse with cold water followed by hot water if you want a QQ noodle
In another wok, heat up a little bit of Oil
Pan fried the Luncheon Meat, 3 minutes each side at medium heat
Set aside
Fry Egg in the same wok at medium heat - don't flip the Egg over if you want to feel the excitement of poking an Egg Yolk!! 

For the soup, you can use any Chicken Broth that are sold at grocery store, heat them up
Arrange the Noodle, Egg, and Luncheon Meat in a bowl
Pour the soup over; garnish with Green Onion

Easy and Yummy dinner is done in no time!! 
Happy Cooking!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home-made Kaya

Kaya is almost a wonder spread that goes well with variety of foods, such as: Plain bread; Toast; Steamed Mantou; or Lebanese Pita Bread. 
The creamy texture of Kaya is made from common ingredients that can be found easily anywhere. Kaya is a jam made from Coconut Milk, Eggs; sweetened with Sugar and enhanced with a natural aroma flavoured by Pandan Leaf.

Kaya is best served with toast accompany with a cup of Hot Long Black Coffee (Kopi-O) / Hot Milo. The best time to serve Kaya Toast is during breakfast and tea break (around 3 pm). It reminds me about my life in Tanjung Pinang, i used to order Kaya Toast as our tea-time snack (Dad's and mine) from a Coffee Shop located just a few block apart from his office. Sometimes Mum will bought some Home-made Kaya from store and i'll have them as my breakfast too. 

A ready-to-served Kaya can be found easily at any Asian grocery nowadays. But nothing is better than a fresh home-made food, including this lovely Kaya Jam.

I believe most of you know that there are two types of Kaya available in the market - Greenish and Brownish 
In my personal opinion, there is not much different (taste) between those two after i tried, it's just mainly the differences of its colour. How'd you think?

This is my first time of Kaya-making. I found that the natural colour from the Kaya itself was not really attractive, so i decided to add a little bit of Green colouring, and it turned out beautifully. I will do some research to find the way to produce Brownish Kaya. 

Kaya-making process is easy, i adapted this recipe from Simply June
Beside those simple ingredients are needed to make Kaya, Patient is the most crucial element that must be included to produce a nice Kaya. A taste of a food reflects the feeling of who are cooking the food. If you were cooking with sadness, then the person who ate your dish will feel the same as how you felt. (this quote was from Little Nyonya Tv Drama) :p I have watched too much!!

6 Eggs 
450 gr Sugar*
475 ml Coconut Milk*
4 Pandan Leaves (Knotted)
Green Colouring (Optional)

Hand-whisk the sugar and eggs, until the sugar dissolved
Add in Coconut Milk
Pour into another clean pot through a sieve
Boiled the Kaya within a teflon filled with water (as seen in picture) at medium heat

It takes about 45 minutes to thicken the Kaya
Stir them occasionally 
Cool it before you store the Kaya

* i will try to reduce the amount of Sugar (350 gr) and Coconut Milk (375 ml) next time, it was too sweet for my personal liking; and a bit watery.
45 minutes might be sounds frightening. You don't need to worry about the Kaya will burnt, just check the water in the teflon occasionally. I added about twice water during the cooking process. 
You can do other things while waiting for the Kaya to surprise you : )
I managed to vacuum my entire house!!

And i store my Kaya in the fridge : )

Kaya Toast

Happy Cooking!!!

Spicy Butter Prawn

My Sambal Belacan did surprise me a lot. Beside using it as a dip, i have cooked Kangkung Belacan last week and i just use it as an ingredients to cook this Spicy Butter Prawn. It is a last minute idea that day, due to my laziness to go out and do my grocery shopping, i need to squeeze my brain thinking of what to cook as dinner for hubby, noted - he's a food picker!! and easily get bored if i cook similar dishes everyday. 

Luckliy, hubby bought a kg of Prawns few days ago and froze them up. On the other hand, i was still searching for other nice ingredients to cook along with this dish. I found Butter; Green onion; Garlic (i never ran out of it) at home. I seldom use Butter to cook as it's too fattening. But in order to create more variety of dishes to feed hubby's stomach, i use it and it smelt so fragrant. Every food with Butter will just taste so great and tempting. 

1 kg Prawns (de-shelled) 
5 cloves Garlic (finely-chopped)
1 tbsp Butter
1/2 tbsp Sugar
2 stalks Green onion (finely-chopped)

Melt Butter in a wok
Saute Garlic until golden brown
Add in Prawns, stir fry for around 3 minutes
Stir fry for another 3 minutes
Add in Sugar
Garnish with Green Onion
Serve warm

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Wish List

When i was window shopping around home appliances in any store
Or browsing for some cooking utensils on the internet
Angel and Devil within myself was fighting quite seriously every time LOL!!

That had caused trouble for me as well, everytime i saw something that caught my eye and i love it so much but didn't bear/afford to buy 
Then i will bring all of my hopeness to home, thinking them day and night 
It was like thinking your dream girl/boy

How i wish i am a child now, crying loudly in the store "I want it!! I want it"
Then i will be spoilt and got something that i wish to have!! wish!!

If i behave like that now, i bet my hubby will walk away from me - pretending he doesn't know me or else
Security will come and kick me out from the store
And thinking that probably i have some mental problem or anything related to that!! hahaha.... 
Being an adult is not fair!!

After i post this, how i wish my hubby read it, and in the morning of 12 November
Suddenly my door is being knocked 
I open up the door and see MR. POST MAN standing in front of me, asking me to sign to accept the parcel!!
OOHHH... Life!!!

I am not greedy actually, just give me one of those thing that i list below
Then i swear, i will love you 1000x more
I will cook yummy food for you every breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!
Well, that seems too common - Let me give you an extra point of getting an appetizer + nice dessert to end your meal

Is it a good deal ? :p

Wish List
I love carrot juice!! and it is not worth it if i buy them in a juice store
It's far too expensive!! 
1 medium size juice for $4.50 
I can make 4 medium sizes myself - assume 500 gr carrot make 1 medium size juice
1 kg carrot is sold in market for only $2
see the differences!! 

Isn't it just a practical invention? you can roast a chicken while you can heat up other dishes on the top of the oven!!! I want it for baking. Oven at house is seriously injured and incurable!! 

Slow cooker is always your best friend when you are extremely busy. Just throw every ingredients in it then it will makes you a Yummy meal. I love Slow Cooker!!

I can make more Usamimi Headband and sell it in Sydney, OOPSS!! 

Lucky Last, Home Sauna!! i always love the feel after Sauna, i feel lighter and relax : )
Probably this is a bit impossible wish to be granted now, where am i supposed to put this at my home?
Maybe 5 years later?

Let's dreaming!! Good Night!!