Friday, November 12, 2010

"I Heard your Wish!!"

I am officially 22 after 12 am this morning!! 
I had a very special and unforgettable birthday this year...
A birthday that was very meaningful for me which i didn't even want to acknowledge that i am actually 22 now!! 
I wish i can always stay at 18 forever...Lol!!

Still remember my Birthday Wish i have posted before? 
I was just bullshitting around and wrote up those kitchen utensils that i want to have!!
I know it will not come true... 
Nope, i mean it will come true but it will be using my own money to grant it!!

My Birthday Present From Management Lecturer - i have a QUIZ on my birthday!!

I was just about to memorize those confusing management theory
Someone knocked my door!!
On my mind: " It was Hery"

Who knows??
A Fairy and his Prince came in!!!!!!!
I was shocked!! really shocked!!
I never expect it!!

Fairy and his Prince sang a birthday song for me, holding a Strawberry Cheese Cake and enter my room!!
I was sitting there stupidly, didn't know what to do...hahaha...Dumb!!
( there is a reason actually - girl in a midnight!! I don't know whether you guys do it or not ? But i do!! i will take off something started with "B" ended with "A") obvious enough? 
comment me for answer if you haven't figured out what it is? hahaha...

I came outside!! all i can say was only OMG OMG and OMG!! i didn't know what to say except OMG Thank You followed by a Hug!! 

I was so touched + happy + want to cry + still shocked!! haha..
I acted so unaturally for sure, didn't know what was i doing that time!!
Took something and dropped it!! walked here and there!! 

But all i can say was only OMG, THX MONICA!! i was lousy in expressing myself!! hahaha...
I really appreciated it!! so so so much!! 

I thought it's done - time to eat the cake!!! yay!!!

But Harris went up and hugged two huge parcels to home!! 
OMG!!! those were the thing i "bullshitted-but-want-to-have" on my wish list!!
hahaha... again OMG!! i have mentioned countless OMG today!! : )

Oven and Slowcooker!!!!!!

Give me "Home Sauna" next time yeah?? haha...

Posing with slow cooker,hahaha...

Thanks for this lovely picture

Thanks for the lovely card

Thanks for the oven; slow cooker & cheese cake
Thanks for sacrificing your study time and sang happy birthday song for me
Thanks for making my wish came true!!
Thank you Fairy and Harris

Blessing Day!!! 


♥ ♥ Rene, Gucci's mom ! ♥ ♥ said...

happy bday shelly! haha you're so happy omg! =)

shelly said...

hey irene..thanks so much!! i felt excited!! the first time i m studying w/o!!