Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home-made Kaya

Kaya is almost a wonder spread that goes well with variety of foods, such as: Plain bread; Toast; Steamed Mantou; or Lebanese Pita Bread. 
The creamy texture of Kaya is made from common ingredients that can be found easily anywhere. Kaya is a jam made from Coconut Milk, Eggs; sweetened with Sugar and enhanced with a natural aroma flavoured by Pandan Leaf.

Kaya is best served with toast accompany with a cup of Hot Long Black Coffee (Kopi-O) / Hot Milo. The best time to serve Kaya Toast is during breakfast and tea break (around 3 pm). It reminds me about my life in Tanjung Pinang, i used to order Kaya Toast as our tea-time snack (Dad's and mine) from a Coffee Shop located just a few block apart from his office. Sometimes Mum will bought some Home-made Kaya from store and i'll have them as my breakfast too. 

A ready-to-served Kaya can be found easily at any Asian grocery nowadays. But nothing is better than a fresh home-made food, including this lovely Kaya Jam.

I believe most of you know that there are two types of Kaya available in the market - Greenish and Brownish 
In my personal opinion, there is not much different (taste) between those two after i tried, it's just mainly the differences of its colour. How'd you think?

This is my first time of Kaya-making. I found that the natural colour from the Kaya itself was not really attractive, so i decided to add a little bit of Green colouring, and it turned out beautifully. I will do some research to find the way to produce Brownish Kaya. 

Kaya-making process is easy, i adapted this recipe from Simply June
Beside those simple ingredients are needed to make Kaya, Patient is the most crucial element that must be included to produce a nice Kaya. A taste of a food reflects the feeling of who are cooking the food. If you were cooking with sadness, then the person who ate your dish will feel the same as how you felt. (this quote was from Little Nyonya Tv Drama) :p I have watched too much!!

6 Eggs 
450 gr Sugar*
475 ml Coconut Milk*
4 Pandan Leaves (Knotted)
Green Colouring (Optional)

Hand-whisk the sugar and eggs, until the sugar dissolved
Add in Coconut Milk
Pour into another clean pot through a sieve
Boiled the Kaya within a teflon filled with water (as seen in picture) at medium heat

It takes about 45 minutes to thicken the Kaya
Stir them occasionally 
Cool it before you store the Kaya

* i will try to reduce the amount of Sugar (350 gr) and Coconut Milk (375 ml) next time, it was too sweet for my personal liking; and a bit watery.
45 minutes might be sounds frightening. You don't need to worry about the Kaya will burnt, just check the water in the teflon occasionally. I added about twice water during the cooking process. 
You can do other things while waiting for the Kaya to surprise you : )
I managed to vacuum my entire house!!

And i store my Kaya in the fridge : )

Kaya Toast

Happy Cooking!!!

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