Monday, November 1, 2010

My Wish List

When i was window shopping around home appliances in any store
Or browsing for some cooking utensils on the internet
Angel and Devil within myself was fighting quite seriously every time LOL!!

That had caused trouble for me as well, everytime i saw something that caught my eye and i love it so much but didn't bear/afford to buy 
Then i will bring all of my hopeness to home, thinking them day and night 
It was like thinking your dream girl/boy

How i wish i am a child now, crying loudly in the store "I want it!! I want it"
Then i will be spoilt and got something that i wish to have!! wish!!

If i behave like that now, i bet my hubby will walk away from me - pretending he doesn't know me or else
Security will come and kick me out from the store
And thinking that probably i have some mental problem or anything related to that!! hahaha.... 
Being an adult is not fair!!

After i post this, how i wish my hubby read it, and in the morning of 12 November
Suddenly my door is being knocked 
I open up the door and see MR. POST MAN standing in front of me, asking me to sign to accept the parcel!!
OOHHH... Life!!!

I am not greedy actually, just give me one of those thing that i list below
Then i swear, i will love you 1000x more
I will cook yummy food for you every breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!
Well, that seems too common - Let me give you an extra point of getting an appetizer + nice dessert to end your meal

Is it a good deal ? :p

Wish List
I love carrot juice!! and it is not worth it if i buy them in a juice store
It's far too expensive!! 
1 medium size juice for $4.50 
I can make 4 medium sizes myself - assume 500 gr carrot make 1 medium size juice
1 kg carrot is sold in market for only $2
see the differences!! 

Isn't it just a practical invention? you can roast a chicken while you can heat up other dishes on the top of the oven!!! I want it for baking. Oven at house is seriously injured and incurable!! 

Slow cooker is always your best friend when you are extremely busy. Just throw every ingredients in it then it will makes you a Yummy meal. I love Slow Cooker!!

I can make more Usamimi Headband and sell it in Sydney, OOPSS!! 

Lucky Last, Home Sauna!! i always love the feel after Sauna, i feel lighter and relax : )
Probably this is a bit impossible wish to be granted now, where am i supposed to put this at my home?
Maybe 5 years later?

Let's dreaming!! Good Night!! 

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