Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sunny Side Up Egg and Luncheon Meat Noodle Soup

I will always store some canned food at home as a preparation for my lunch or dinner when i am busy to go out for grocery shopping.I have been eating luncheon meat since i was young. However, i will not use any canned / instant food when i am able to go out for fresh foods : ) I treated them as an emergency food. 

This is another easy, comfort and hearty meal to be enjoyed as your lunch or dinner. 
It is simple to be prepared and not much ingredient is needed to make this meal. 
As I am busying with my uni report yesterday, I didn't step out from home the whole day. I am glad it's almost done, hopefully will be submitted by today : )

Isn't it exciting to poke the half cooked egg yolk? :p

150 gr Noodle
1 Egg
2 slices of Luncheon Meat
Green Onion (finely chopped)

Boil the Noodle in a pot, 2 minutes at highest heat
Drain the noodle - rinse with cold water followed by hot water if you want a QQ noodle
In another wok, heat up a little bit of Oil
Pan fried the Luncheon Meat, 3 minutes each side at medium heat
Set aside
Fry Egg in the same wok at medium heat - don't flip the Egg over if you want to feel the excitement of poking an Egg Yolk!! 

For the soup, you can use any Chicken Broth that are sold at grocery store, heat them up
Arrange the Noodle, Egg, and Luncheon Meat in a bowl
Pour the soup over; garnish with Green Onion

Easy and Yummy dinner is done in no time!! 
Happy Cooking!!!

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