Monday, November 1, 2010

Imperfect Piggy Peanut Bun

I have always thought of making some Piggy Bun one day
And i did it yesterday : )
Although my Piggy bun was a bit un-shaped, hahahaha... (i'll show you the picture later)
But it was a fun experience!!
I managed to make 5 Piggy Bun : )
I whipped up the rest dough to normal Steamed Peanut Bun


Peanut Butter
Crushed Almond
Roasted Black Sesame Seed
Vanilla Essence

Imperfect Piggy Bun 

Mr.Piggy looks a bit swollen especially their nose and ear, i think it was because the dough kept raising during steaming process. Never been so happy to make a fail Bun, hahahaha : ) I thought it was cute!!

280 gr Low Protein Flour 
100 gr Wheat Starch 
1 tsp Dried Instant Yeast 
1 tsp Baking Powder 
30 gr Vegetable Oil
120 gr Sugar
170 ml Luke Warm Water
Red Colouring
Raisins for Piggy eyes

Mix all of the ingredients together
Knead the Dough until very smooth - it takes around 15-20 minutes kneading time 
Be prepared to have a sore hands!!! :p
Cover the Dough with damp cloth / any pan lid
Rest the Dough to keep them raising

You will see a double size dough 15 minutes later
Divide the Dough into small pieces and start to shape the Bun
Rest the dough for another 15 minutes
Steam for 20 minutes with high heat

If you want to make a Piggy Bun, you can refer to this blog
I am not an expert yet to tell you how to shape Piggy Bun
Picture is worth a thousand words!!! hahahaha...

I thought the filling was not superb enough!! i might have to use other filling next time!! 

Piggy is wailing their tails and say Good Bye!!

Happy Cooking!!!

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