Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seaweed Salad

Why Salad? 
I have been eating raw foods and other healthy stuff for this past 2 weeks
Gladly the extra 6 kg that i have put on, have been shed off by 3 kg... and it stops!! why? tell me why?

My wedding is coming, 30th of January exactly..
Being selfish to my taste buds, i consume nearly plain food every day.. apple, orange, carrot, boiled vegies (no salt if acceptable); i have given up my favourite chocolate; no sweets some more; drinking almost 3 litres of water everyday and made me visit toilet countless times...
Because i just want to be fitted prettily into my wedding gown... 

  Honestly, i am still not so sincerely to allow this 3 kg of fat hanging around my body...oh well, i have tried my best at least!! it just want to stop, what can i do? haha.. : )

This light and tasty seaweed salad will be my dinner tonight

Serve: 1
A handful of dried Seaweed 
3 dried Shitake
1 Carrot
1/2 block of Tofu
1 Tbsp Brown Rice Vinegar
1 tsp Sesame Oil
1 tsp Roasted Sesame Seeds
Pinch of Salt and Sugar*

*You can adjust the amount of Salt and Sugar as you prefer

Soak Seaweed and Shitake with hot water until soft and tender
On the other hand, prepare carrot; tofu to cut into bite sizes
Cut Shitake into bite sizes if it has soften
Arrange each ingredients in a bowl
Put in Brown Rice Vinegar; Sesame Oil; Salt and Sugar
Garnish with Sesame Seeds
Store in the fridge for 30 minutes*

*Chilled Salad is tastier

Happing Cooking


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sambal Tempe Ikan Bilis

I was so happy and excited when I finally found tempe at the store 
For those who could not find it
Go to the frozen/fridge alley in the Asian store
Treasure was hidden in it

I decided to whip up some dishes from mum's recipe 
I cooked Sambal Tempe Ikan Bilis
The crispy Anchovies; crunchy Peanuts and fragrantly Tempe mixed in spicy Sambal are definitely a memorable dish that brought me back to my uni life in Jakarta, hated the life but deeply fell in love with the food : )

Every dishes reflected different memory of us...
What are yours?

Simple Spices needed, richly satisfied my taste buds 

10 red Chilies
2 Shallot
1 Red Onion
2 cloves of Garlic
1 tiny block of Shrimp Paste

You can use blender/mortal&pestle to mash those spices (as you prefer)

1 packet of Tempe 
100 gr Peanut
100 gr Anchovies
Oil for frying

1. Cut Tempe into bite sizes
2. Rinse Anchovies, drained well
3. Prepare oil for frying
4. Fry Tempe, Peanuts, and Anchovies separately until golden brown
5. Drain excess oil using paper towel, set aside

1. Put a little bit of Oil and fry the chilly paste until fragrant
2. Add in 2 tbsp Tamarind Puree
3. Salt & Sugar (Lots) to taste
4. Turn off the heat 
5. Finally, tossed with fried Tempe, Peanuts and Anchovies
6. Serve

Happy Cooking

Monday, December 27, 2010

Lao Puo Bing (Wife Biscuit)

My holiday is finally here. .all i need now is to finish my last assessment for my last ever subject for uni
Then i will be graduated (if everything pass) hehe.. 
Time flies!! Seriously!! 

I made Lao Puo Bing just now
I quite like the pastry (not success yet!!) however the filling was just not right!! it was not sticky with what i have tried the store bought one!! Why?? was that because i cooked the glutinous rice flour myself? i could not find any "Koh Fun" anywhere here : ( so i just tried to dry-fried myself.. :p

 I simply followed the whole process and did not modified myself
Please refer the recipe from Baking on Cloud 9 

This is how my Lao Puo Bing looks like

not-so-good filling


Saturday, December 18, 2010

I heart prawns

This is one of my favourite seafood 

ILP - I Love Prawns : )

Ribbons' Love

Something that makes me Awww~~

aw!! Purple Ribbon *Love*

Ribbon Earring

Colourful Ribbons

Butterfly, i like too!!

Just love it!!

Just ignore my short and fat finger : p

Card from work-mates!!

Aw.. Did they notice my fave??

I have finished my Internship with Camp Quality!!

Souvenirs to keep : )



Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh!! Muffin Is Nice

Oh!! Muffin!! Yum~~ 

Sniff Sniff~~

Can I Have It??

AAAAAaaaa~~~ Voila!!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Not a Baking Master!!

I have a Saturday Class tomorrow!!
To discuss in-depth about strategic management
Just simply because i am taking a short course for this trimester
Will be end by this December!! yay!!

And hurray!! i failed a subject - Media Planning & Buying
I was such a lousy picker - this was actually my elective subject (i can choose any subject i am interested with)

Never know that, i was actually felt into a TRAP!!
The lecturer was a CRAZY Top Hard Marker 
yet didn't delivering us a good lecturer..
She thought we were as SMART as Isaac Newton : (

I am so ready to fail, that's why i didn't feel upset at all!!
I actually celebrated that day by had some sushi treat with Monica, hehehe...

I have to pay for another subject, and OF COURSE i choose other!! (not a dumb)
I took International Markteting as an Online Course - which will be ended by this coming February (will be doing this subject during my holiday in Indonesia later )

Back to topic!!
According to my plenty experiences of having a Saturday class
There will be no food around college!! food court will be closed, and everywhere will be very quiet!! 
My college is located at business/office district - that's why!!

I have made some finger food then : )
I hope my lecturer and classmates' tooth will be fine after swallowing my Dates Muffin, lol!!
I hope it will not be too hard for them!!

Dates Muffin

I am not really good at baking :p - still need to improve HEAPS!!

Anyway, this is my first attempt to make a birthday cake
Princess Cake for Monica's birthday

P.S: Anyone did Toyota Strategic Audit Report before? 
Send me through if you have done it!! :p

I need to research now..Nitezzz!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You let me know " What is Love?"

I have bought a book recently (rare!!), a Book store in town is having their massive sale
Without thinking too much, i walked in, was aiming at recipe book but this book caught my eye!!
I read some of the content, and I Fall In Love : )

This book might be sound a little bit religious (Muslim) - but it does not hypocrite at all!! 
Moreover, i learnt more "What is love?" How to love?" and "How to live happy?"
Love in this book doesn't mean a relationship with your partner (well, there's some)
but more to your family, friend, and stranger...

I am on my half way reading this book, it kinds of addictive :p
I'll steal a chance to read whenever i can!!

I read during gym, when i was doing cardio, XD
I usually only spent 30 minutes max on cardio
But last night, i did an hour w/o realising at all...
Yeah, now my legs are sore, hahaha....
Sore with happiness though!! 

How i wish i can read my text book like this!!! : )

Update: You'll learn how to love yourself as well !!

Friday, November 12, 2010

"I Heard your Wish!!"

I am officially 22 after 12 am this morning!! 
I had a very special and unforgettable birthday this year...
A birthday that was very meaningful for me which i didn't even want to acknowledge that i am actually 22 now!! 
I wish i can always stay at 18 forever...Lol!!

Still remember my Birthday Wish i have posted before? 
I was just bullshitting around and wrote up those kitchen utensils that i want to have!!
I know it will not come true... 
Nope, i mean it will come true but it will be using my own money to grant it!!

My Birthday Present From Management Lecturer - i have a QUIZ on my birthday!!

I was just about to memorize those confusing management theory
Someone knocked my door!!
On my mind: " It was Hery"

Who knows??
A Fairy and his Prince came in!!!!!!!
I was shocked!! really shocked!!
I never expect it!!

Fairy and his Prince sang a birthday song for me, holding a Strawberry Cheese Cake and enter my room!!
I was sitting there stupidly, didn't know what to do...hahaha...Dumb!!
( there is a reason actually - girl in a midnight!! I don't know whether you guys do it or not ? But i do!! i will take off something started with "B" ended with "A") obvious enough? 
comment me for answer if you haven't figured out what it is? hahaha...

I came outside!! all i can say was only OMG OMG and OMG!! i didn't know what to say except OMG Thank You followed by a Hug!! 

I was so touched + happy + want to cry + still shocked!! haha..
I acted so unaturally for sure, didn't know what was i doing that time!!
Took something and dropped it!! walked here and there!! 

But all i can say was only OMG, THX MONICA!! i was lousy in expressing myself!! hahaha...
I really appreciated it!! so so so much!! 

I thought it's done - time to eat the cake!!! yay!!!

But Harris went up and hugged two huge parcels to home!! 
OMG!!! those were the thing i "bullshitted-but-want-to-have" on my wish list!!
hahaha... again OMG!! i have mentioned countless OMG today!! : )

Oven and Slowcooker!!!!!!

Give me "Home Sauna" next time yeah?? haha...

Posing with slow cooker,hahaha...

Thanks for this lovely picture

Thanks for the lovely card

Thanks for the oven; slow cooker & cheese cake
Thanks for sacrificing your study time and sang happy birthday song for me
Thanks for making my wish came true!!
Thank you Fairy and Harris

Blessing Day!!! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Banana in Pyjamas Desk Bin


So, I practised for my magic mantra !!
Was hoping I can turn a rubbish to a gold...

Hom Ma Li Hom!!
Rubbish turns to gold~~

However I misspelled my mantra in a half way

So bad, my rubbish had turned to bin = Rubbish Bin

But it was a cute yet practical bin!!  : )

Mr. Banana was introducing himself

And asked for food 5 minutes later

I fed him whatever food that I can found in the fridge!!

Mr. Banana is full now and want to sleep


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mee Rebus

First of all let's change the word "Hubby" to "S"
I found it's quite mushy everytime i typed it... lol!!

"S" suddenly mumbled a lot of Tanjung Pinang's hawker foods few nights ago before sleeping
"When i go back to T.P, i want to eat bla bla bla....and bla bla bla...."

One of the food he mentioned was Mee Rebus
Then my brain was starting to work !!!
As i knew Mee Rebus isn't a complicated food to cook...

The next morning, i started to search for lots of recipe on the internet
I combined every recipe, added every ingredients to my recipe list as i thought will turn nice, then i made my own conclusion 
 "S" said it was nice but still lack of something - nutty flavour!!
"S" bro said it was like "Indian" food, haha... - i added curry powder in it (maybe i should discard it from my recipe next time)
I will never ask his little bro because everytime i did - he will say "nice-nice" even he hasn't touch the

So this is my first attempt!!

Dry ingredients:
1 kg Egg Noodle
500 gr Bean Sprout
1 packet Tofu Puff
2 Green Chilies
Fried Shallot
4 Eggs
2 Stalk Coriander 

Boil eggs - de shelled and set aside
Soak Noodle in hot water for 5 minutes - drained and set aside
Cut the Tofu Puff into bite size
Prepare for Green Chilies; Fried Shallot and Coriander to garnish

Gravy ingredients:
15 Shallots (I used 10 Shallots and 1 Red Onion)
10 Dried Chilies - de seeded and soak
5 cloves Garlic
1 inch Galangal
1 inch Ginger
1 tbsp Turmeric Powder
1 tbsp Coriander Powder
1 tsp Lemon Grass Powder
1 tbsp Curry Powder
10 Candle Nut
3 tbsp Salted Soy Bean (Tao cio)
1 tbsp Shrimp Paste (Belacan)
1/4 bowl Oil
1,6 litre Water - can be substituted with Chicken Broth

Bring all of the Gravy ingredients to blender - process to paste form (except 1,6 litre Water)
Saute the paste in a teflon until fragrant
Bring to boil with 1,6 litre Water / Chicken Broth
Add Seasoning 
( Add the diluted Tapioca Starch lastly after the Gravy has boiled )

2 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp Salt
2 tbsp Tapioca Starch - diluted with 150 ml Water

Place those dry ingredients in a plate, pour the warm Gravy over
Garnish with Green Chilies; Coriander and Fried Shallot

Happy Cooking!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vegetarian Taco

I love fresh foods such as raw vegetables and fruits
I am not a big meat eater, and always stick to healthy food as much as i can
I will be very good on my diet sometimes, however sometime i will go wild for food, haha...
I think that's the reason i can't maintain my weight very well : )

Honestly, i am not as care as i did in the past, i always had a very strict diet in order to get my dream body!! that's very bad and i often suffered from gastric pain!!

After i have done my uni project about eating disorder, i knew a lot about this mental illness!! besides it makes people look ill and ugly.... it can kill a life after periods of time!! 

I suffered bulimia nervosa when i was young!! I always think i was fat!! I often ate a large amount of food in the same time,  i felt regret and started to think a lot of method to get rid of those excess calories i have taken!! i starved myself the next day, consumed laxative pill or tea, i weighted myself 3 times a day, i over-exercised myself, i isolated myself and all i thought was only my weight and being skinny!! 

My life was "grey"!! while there were still a lot of fun outside, especially at my age that time!! day after day my health was getting poor!! until one day I got a high fever and fainted!!

 I was seriously ill and hospitalized for 2 weeks, i was so sick that time!! I can't do nothing beside staying in the hospital!! i was hospitalized for a week in Indonesia without any improvement!! Doctor said i was having a dengue fever!! but my blood test seemed negative!! it was weird!! my stomach got bigger and bigger day after day, i can't consume any food!! my stomach was just so bloated and I had 39 degree of fever for almost a week, up and down, never better!! 

My parents was so worried and sent me to Singapore, i stayed there for 8 days!! doctor said i suffered from intestine infection because of my bad eating style. I need to be hospitalized otherwise it will be worsen. Doctor took my blood every day until i was so numb to feel the injection anymore. My health was just bad that time!! Only a 5 minutes walk, i felt dizzy and tired!! i lost a lot of weight during that time.

After i was home, i still need to take my infusion 3 times a day for a week, nurse came to my house everyday. My arm was seriously bruised!! and people outside was looking at me like an alien because there was an infusion needle on my arm... i supposed to rest at home but i just went everywhere : ) i can't sit down and do nothing..haha...Dad was the person who had worried me a lot!! i kept nagging by him that time, asked me to lay down and rest... i just sneaked out with mum or sister... :p

How much medical fee that my parents had spent just because i was joking around with my own health. I felt so bad!! 

After that, i realized how important to be healthy!! I start to eat healthy and enjoying my food every mouthful...Food is a bless not a sin... I have been gaining a lot of weight since i came to Sydney, but i am not that worry about my weight as i did before!! i want to lose some weight now but i never starve myself like before!! Life is much happier and enjoyable!! 

Healhty can be tasty too : )

Vegetarian Taco

1 Rye Soft Wrap
4 Cherry tomatoes
20 gr Lettuce
20 gr Carrot
1 stalk Green Onion
 1/4 Avocado

Slightly toast the Wrap on a Teflon
Cut Lettuce; Cherry Tomatoes; Avocado; Green Onion into bite size
Mix grated Carrot with Almond Butter - spread on the Wrap
Put the rest ingredients on the top of the Wrap
Add a dash of Pepper

Enjoy your meal!! : )

Health is Wealth

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Christmas Wish

I always in LOVE with Cooking; Baking and Crafting!!
I will be as creative as possible for these 3 precious hobbies : )
I love to share everything i have created to everybody...

While munching on these yummy food, i will never forget to stay healthy - I will start my day with an Almond Butter toast as my breakfast to keep myself fit and stay alert for the rest activities!!

Life is full of hidden-surprise!! I love to surprise myself with "DIY" creation!! 
I'll never leave home until my nail is pretty : )
Going out with my Lovely Hair-Band makes my day!! I got a lot of compliments from others : )


Christmas is in the corner!!
I keep thinking about what Christmas gifts that I wish to have

One night,
I have been brought by a Fairy to "LA-LA" land 
I saw a lot of things that i want to have : )
" I wish Santa Claus will grant my wish this Christmas!!"

I keep Thinking Thinking Thinking of my dream.... while i was walking today
 and made my 6th wish in no time :p
"My life will be so WONDERFUL if I can search for nice recipes, craft ideas........ on the go!!!"

I really hope i can win an I-Pad from Nuffnang
Nuffnang please be my Santa Claus!!! : )



Sunday, November 7, 2010

Super Star

I always dream to be a Famous Singer one day

I'll keep thinking even i am ......
Walking ...

Eating ....

Studying ...


I will make the same wishes on every birthday

Never expected that "Wish Fairy" heard my Birthday Wish!!!

One Day
I am sitting in the park
I start to day-dreaming 
I look up the sky 

I SEE A FLYING FAIRY on the sky!!!

I rub my eyes once, twice, ......... 1000x times 
I pinch myself to check whether i am still dreaming
But, no matter how hard I rub my eyes; how hurt I can feel the pinch

I still couldn't believe my eyes
I run home excitedly
 Turn on my computer 
I see a new mail!!

DK Idol 3 is holding a competition for TALENTED SINGERS!!!

Hey, there!!
Do you always dream to be a SUPER STAR ?
Now you can let your dream becomes reality!!

DK Idol 3 is searching for the SHINIEST STAR started from 26th November 2010 - 10th December 2010

Come and Join us at these FANTABULOUS night!!
All Sydney's International Student are proudly invited!!

Not only you can let everybody know your voice!! 
There are Lots  LotsLots of Fantastic Prizes are waiting for YOU!!

Enter for FREE now!! You will also get benefit of FREE FOOD & BEVERAGES

Not a fabulous singer??
It isn't a Big Deal!!!
Join the EXCITING GAMES & LUCKY DRAW with DK Idol 3!!!
There are a LOTS of prizes will be given out to the audiences as well!!

Join DK IDOL 3!!

Contestant MUST
Hold a student visa or working holiday visa
English Song ONLY
Fill up the application form 
DON'T FORGET to bring your ID to register

DK IDol 3 will select "3 winners" from each week ( 26 November; 3 December; 10 December) to compete in the FINAL SHOW - 17 December 2010

Exciting Prizes
1st Winner
Presents from education institutions
6 Cruise Tickets for 2 hours with DK executive cruise at Darling Harbour
$ 500 AUD from DK Science and Learning

2nd Winner
Presents from education institutions
6 Cruise Tickets for 2 hours with DK executive cruise at Darling Harbour
$ 250 AUD from DK Science and Learning

3rd Winner

Presents from education institutions
$ 150 AUD from DK Science and Learning

For further information, please visit/contact:
DK Science and Learning
(02) 924644566
Level 2, 355 SussexStreet
Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia


Email :

Don't Miss Out the most fun and biggest international singing competition in Sydney



Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kaya Steamed Bun

I have made Kaya Steamed Bun on last Tuesday
I was so surprised that the dough was much fluffier and softer compare with my previous attempt
I adapted this dough recipe from My Little Space

I can't shape bun very well actually, all i can is only make round Bun, hahaha...

I need to improve my Bun-shaping skill!


Dough A 
150 ml Water
185 gr Cake flour
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 tsp Yeast

Mix and let it proof over night (cover with a lid)

Dough B
375 gr Pao Flour
25 gr Oil
100 gr Water
180 gr Sugar

In a seperate bowl mix in
2 tbsp Baking Powder
3 tbsp Water


Mix Dough A, let it proof over night
Mix Dough B followed by Dough A, knead until smooth
Mix in 2 tbsp Baking Powder and 3 tbsp Water in a separate bowl, gently fold into the Bun Dough, knead
Divide the Flour into a small pieces, add filling and shape
Rest the Bun for 45 minutes before steaming
Finally steam in a high heat for 30 minutes

Happy Cooking!!!