Monday, December 27, 2010

Lao Puo Bing (Wife Biscuit)

My holiday is finally here. .all i need now is to finish my last assessment for my last ever subject for uni
Then i will be graduated (if everything pass) hehe.. 
Time flies!! Seriously!! 

I made Lao Puo Bing just now
I quite like the pastry (not success yet!!) however the filling was just not right!! it was not sticky with what i have tried the store bought one!! Why?? was that because i cooked the glutinous rice flour myself? i could not find any "Koh Fun" anywhere here : ( so i just tried to dry-fried myself.. :p

 I simply followed the whole process and did not modified myself
Please refer the recipe from Baking on Cloud 9 

This is how my Lao Puo Bing looks like

not-so-good filling


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