Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You let me know " What is Love?"

I have bought a book recently (rare!!), a Book store in town is having their massive sale
Without thinking too much, i walked in, was aiming at recipe book but this book caught my eye!!
I read some of the content, and I Fall In Love : )

This book might be sound a little bit religious (Muslim) - but it does not hypocrite at all!! 
Moreover, i learnt more "What is love?" How to love?" and "How to live happy?"
Love in this book doesn't mean a relationship with your partner (well, there's some)
but more to your family, friend, and stranger...

I am on my half way reading this book, it kinds of addictive :p
I'll steal a chance to read whenever i can!!

I read during gym, when i was doing cardio, XD
I usually only spent 30 minutes max on cardio
But last night, i did an hour w/o realising at all...
Yeah, now my legs are sore, hahaha....
Sore with happiness though!! 

How i wish i can read my text book like this!!! : )

Update: You'll learn how to love yourself as well !!

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