Friday, December 3, 2010

Not a Baking Master!!

I have a Saturday Class tomorrow!!
To discuss in-depth about strategic management
Just simply because i am taking a short course for this trimester
Will be end by this December!! yay!!

And hurray!! i failed a subject - Media Planning & Buying
I was such a lousy picker - this was actually my elective subject (i can choose any subject i am interested with)

Never know that, i was actually felt into a TRAP!!
The lecturer was a CRAZY Top Hard Marker 
yet didn't delivering us a good lecturer..
She thought we were as SMART as Isaac Newton : (

I am so ready to fail, that's why i didn't feel upset at all!!
I actually celebrated that day by had some sushi treat with Monica, hehehe...

I have to pay for another subject, and OF COURSE i choose other!! (not a dumb)
I took International Markteting as an Online Course - which will be ended by this coming February (will be doing this subject during my holiday in Indonesia later )

Back to topic!!
According to my plenty experiences of having a Saturday class
There will be no food around college!! food court will be closed, and everywhere will be very quiet!! 
My college is located at business/office district - that's why!!

I have made some finger food then : )
I hope my lecturer and classmates' tooth will be fine after swallowing my Dates Muffin, lol!!
I hope it will not be too hard for them!!

Dates Muffin

I am not really good at baking :p - still need to improve HEAPS!!

Anyway, this is my first attempt to make a birthday cake
Princess Cake for Monica's birthday

P.S: Anyone did Toyota Strategic Audit Report before? 
Send me through if you have done it!! :p

I need to research now..Nitezzz!!


Raine and Sage said...

Oh I can think of better ways to spend a Saturday. Good luck with it! The pink birthday cake is fantastic with that tiara on top! :)

shelly said...

hey hey!! thx for dropping by : )

That was my first birthday cake, it was too sweet though. haha...