Monday, November 8, 2010

My Christmas Wish

I always in LOVE with Cooking; Baking and Crafting!!
I will be as creative as possible for these 3 precious hobbies : )
I love to share everything i have created to everybody...

While munching on these yummy food, i will never forget to stay healthy - I will start my day with an Almond Butter toast as my breakfast to keep myself fit and stay alert for the rest activities!!

Life is full of hidden-surprise!! I love to surprise myself with "DIY" creation!! 
I'll never leave home until my nail is pretty : )
Going out with my Lovely Hair-Band makes my day!! I got a lot of compliments from others : )


Christmas is in the corner!!
I keep thinking about what Christmas gifts that I wish to have

One night,
I have been brought by a Fairy to "LA-LA" land 
I saw a lot of things that i want to have : )
" I wish Santa Claus will grant my wish this Christmas!!"

I keep Thinking Thinking Thinking of my dream.... while i was walking today
 and made my 6th wish in no time :p
"My life will be so WONDERFUL if I can search for nice recipes, craft ideas........ on the go!!!"

I really hope i can win an I-Pad from Nuffnang
Nuffnang please be my Santa Claus!!! : )



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