Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nyonya kueh - Kueh Salat

I have been watching "Little Nyonya" again and again
This has been my fourth time, hahaha..
It's just a nice drama where you could find and more understand about the meaning of this drama deeper after you have watched it for several times, like me!!! hehe~~

Well, i will not discuss and review anything about this film now
But i definitely will recommend you guys to watch it!!

Well, in this drama they mention a lot of Nyonya food that spice up my curiosity!! 
As my hobby is cooking, then i will start to find those recipes on the internet (some i got from blogs i followed)
 I'll experience, hubby and his brothers will be my "pig guinea", hahahaha~~

I have made kueh salat for my very first time
The appearance was good and pretty
However, i must still improve the taste
It was just lacking of something that i still haven't figure out what it was
I should ask my ah-ma (kueh salat expert) hahaha....

nice huh??

Will improve next time and share the recipe with you guys!!
Happy cooking!!


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