Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soon Kueh

Sydney weather is really undetectable
Yesterday were sunny and hot, then it rained in the afternoon

While today has been raining since morning and cold
I planned to go to library today to hunt for some treasures (cook book; craft book; one novel recommended by Monica) 
However, this wet weather makes me want to stay at home and slack
My plan A failed

Hello, please do something productive rather than sleeping
Now, i know why i re-gained all my weight!!! nothing to do; love to cook which made me being "forced" to test the food
Fyi, it's only my excuse!! :p who doesn't love to eat??

So, i decided to make "Soon Kueh" 
I haven't eaten Soon Kueh for almost 2 years since i came here

Luckily, i am smart enough
I have asked for the recipe from Ah-ma before i came here 

I tried just now and it was quite successful!!! 
*happy happy*

But, Ah-ma's Soon Kueh still the best
I still can't defeat her 
I need to steal her "Kung Fu" when i go back later : )
 K.O my Ah-ma, hahahahaha...

My first attempt was not too bad, right?? :p

"Hao Lien" a bit, show you another pic of my successful Soon Kueh!!!!!!

Still lack of Ah-ma de wei dao!!!!
But better than nothing

Now i am going to share with you my Ah-ma's recipe based on her estimation of ingredients which is needed  to make Soon Kueh
That's why i haven't reach my Ah-ma's skill!!
My "agak-agak" skill wasn't expert enough!!!

500 gr Rice Flour
150 gr Tapioca Starch
1 tbsp Cooking oil
750 ml Boiling water

Mix well together
Knead the dough until soft and smooth

1000 gr Jicama
100 gr Shitake
1 bulb garlic
100 gr Dried prawn
Salt, pepper, chicken powder to taste

Stir fry garlic; dried prawn; shitake until fragrant
Add in jicama
Add in salt; pepper; chicken powder
Stir fry until Jicama is soft

Wrap; shape and steam for about 15-20 minutes!!

Tips: Marinate jicama with salt for 10 minutes before bring it to cook (to soften)
Rolling pin is needed in order to make a nice shape of Soon Kueh
Grease the plate with oil before steaming to prevent Soon Kueh sticking with each other

Happy Cooking!!

And yeah, for this recipe i have made around 30 Soon Kueh : )

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