Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rainbow Agar-Agar

Agar-agar is a high dietary fibre food
If you are suffering constipation
You can think of consuming some agar-agar 

As a healthier optional, control the sugar that needed to make this colourful dessert 
Agar-agar will taste as good as usual if it is cool enough while you are serving them (Put them in the fridge), even if the sugar has been reduced
You can add some fruit as well, such as: Longan; Lychee; Pineapple; Kiwi; Strawberry, etc.

Summer is coming!!! 
How about making some Agar-agar to store in the fridge??
Family will love this colourful dessert and to chill ourselves in the hot weather

Coconut layer (White layer)
1 packet Agar-agar powder 
400 ml Coconut milk
350 ml Water
100 gr Sugar

Mix all the ingredients together and bring to boil at the lowest heat, keep stirring

Rainbow layer
1 packet Agar-agar powder 
800 ml Water
100 gr Sugar

In another pot, mix all the ingredients together and bring to boil at the lowest heat, Keep stirring

Divided them into 3 portion in different pot or bowl
Mix some colouring in it ( i used Red, Yellow and Green)

Choose your favourite Agar-agar  mold

Layer them step by step with different colour (or as your preference) 

Here, i layered them with White; Red; White; Yellow; White; Green

Dissolve the Agar-agar powder with a small amount of water before bring to boil, this will avoid clumping

Moist the mold with some water, this will keep Agar-agar well-shaped when they are going to be taken out from mold

Wait until the bottom layer of Agar-agar has shaped before layering with another colour

You may have to keep the Agar-Agar mixture on the stove at the lowest heat, and keep strring them. Agar-Agar tends to be harden so quickly.

Happy Cooking!!!

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