Sunday, April 4, 2010

coconut pancake

i stayed at home for the whole saturday
weather slightly change a bit cold
and home is the best to stay at : )

i just wanted to make something
but i ran out of rice flour and coconut cream
still need to go out and buy
with my very messy binded hair, i thought no one in the street..who knows??? CROWDED!!!
hahaha...i was the ugliest one yesterday..:p

what did i make??


what we need are:

1. Rice flour - 170 grams
2glutinous rice flour - 3 tbsp
3. baking powder - 1 tsp
4. palm sugar - 1 block
5. coconut cream - 220 grams
6. shredded coconut - roughly 3 to 4 tbsp (optional) *

* i added shredded coconut to add texture for the pancake

7 . eggs - 2 L eggs
8. sugar - 3 tbsp
9. pinch of salt

 mixed all of the ingredient together to make pancake's batter

on non-stick fry pan, heat up a bit oil

take a spoonful of batter then pour it on the pan

P.S : turn the gas to minimum
to avoid any burnt

flip over the pancake
pan fry until slightly golden brown

arrange them in a plate

serve with melted palm sugar

P.S: to melt the palm sugar,add a bit water; chop finely the palm sugar;
bring to boil

best serve as breakfast or afternoon-snack

= )

Hop!! Hop!! ........ Happy Easter 

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