Friday, June 4, 2010

a good friend of mine

Suddenly i have an urge to post something about my life
well, my life can be considered as not bad
i have a harmony family; boyfriend that dotes me very much; and good friend in aussie now
i don't need to worry about my life expenses
i have enough money to spend; i have a place to stay; i have a lot of good people surrounding me

what am i still expecting from GOD?
i have everything now..
well...everything doesn't mean i have a mansion; luxury car; and rich..
i have enough in everything, that's a bless for me!!
i don't expect anything more than enough!!
honestly, i feel blissful at my situation now

well!! something unhappy keeps troubling me since just now
i don't wish to tell...
probably it doesn't mean anything to you if i tell..
but it means a lot to me!!
i felt my pride has been killed by some reason
and that's related to my personality

i didn't feel hate or angry with that matters
all i do is feeling sad 
i feel really sad
when i have done something according to a rule/suggestion
i will do!! and i'll try my very best to do
i just don't know why? why i have been treated like this
i just feel when i do something with my sincerity, then a person will think i was wrong
that's not fun at all!!
No hatred and madness in my heart
i think GOD has given me such a forgiving heart
i thank YOU...

after i left senior high school, i didn't have a things called "best friend"
i do have friends, but my just friends

i want a friend that understand me and i can understand her very well too
3 years passed, after i met Monica
i am not flatter on you, but i do express it sincerely
that is when i feel i have such a good friend

remember when we met at the first time at college
we were talking in English
i knew she was Indonesian that time (but i just guessing, so better not to make myself awkward, i spoke English with her)

Monica you are original from Indonesia. 100% made in Indonesia
i  can see from the first sight i saw you!! XD

BUT, Monica thought i was Thailand
do i?

it was a funny yet memorable moment
that was at first trimester
we haven't got along very well

well, i was just too quiet and shy!!
 second trimester pass
third trimester pass

and the fourth trimester we deliberately choose the same subject : )
i have a companion at class

that's when we're getting better and better
we are just match to each other
we enjoy talking rubbish 
of course sometimes serious!!
we formed as team for almost all subject 
and we're a good team!!

i feel really happy to have such friend like you
even you are 3 years old smaller than me
but i don't think we have a gap 
(not saying i haven't get old :p)

but we just have a lot of similarity in life

you understand me well
sometimes your open thought and personality
makes me wake up!!
and you encourage me a lot in a invisible action
your honesty and open thought has encourage me a lot!!

thanks GOD for giving me such a good friend  here...

i love you

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