Thursday, September 16, 2010

what is life?

if somebody randomly ask me this question
i would say that peace and simple are my life

and yeah, i am married!! on 13th September 10 o'clock
i was legally became a wife of somebody else
my mind: happy!! blessed!! nervous!!
: )

mum and dad were so busy for me before my marriage!!
kept asking me how i felt since a month ago!! haha...
at that time i was like: "ummmm, i don't feel anything mum"

do you know that i actually didn't sleep for the whole night before the D-day?
i was so nervous; happy; excited; and whatever feel that can rush my adrenaline! lol~~
they were coming at the same time : )

Finally, i am a real woman, become somebody else wife, and my life will be changed from 13th of September

in relationship - married

i have a husband to take care of now
probably next year - the year after - or next next year, i will become a mum of a kid
WOW!! how exciting life is~~

parents are getting older, and there will be a time they are going to be retired
as their kids, we must repay them by taking a good care of them for their rest of their life

we were born in this world, 9 months in our mum's womb
they took a good care of us, raised us, sacrificed everything just for US!!
always think back that what had your parents did to you?
when you were crying in the midnight as a baby
mum and dad panic!!
they tried to figure out what was actually happen to us?

were we hungry? were we sick? was the room temperature too cold?
we couldn't tell as we were still a baby
all we did was giving them an annoying cry
who will awake for the whole night finding the reason why? 
it was mum and dad!!
dad had to go to work very early tomorrow
yet we were crying like hell!!
did dad and mum abandoned you?
did they angry?
no~~ they adored us so much!!
they comforted us until we had calmed down and felt asleep
gently put us back on the bed, gave us a kiss, and lied down next to us

i agreed sometime i often threw a bad temper to mum and dad!!
but i always kept my self calm all time after i did that!!
if i felt i was wrong, i said sorry!!
i said sorry to dad and mum
i hugged them and sincerely apologize to them~~

i am so blessed to be born in this family
family is so harmony
sister, brother and i get along to each other
and we always had a Saturday session!!
all of us will be squeezed together in our parents' room on saturday night!! watch film!! discuss!! joke!! until we felt tired and sleep together!!
how i miss that moment NOW!!!

 and i still couldn't believe time went so fast
i am now 22 years old and MARRIED!!

how mum and dad feel right now?
from a baby to a lady and a wife

would be the motivation in my life
i don't like to compete, i don't like showing off;
i love to stay low profile; i love to be what i am now
i love my life now

when i was waiting for my bus last night after my class
randomly i thought of my dream house : )
even it was just an imagination, i felt happy

how i wish i can live peacefully in a suburb area
having my own farm; own garden; not luxury but comfy house
while i am gardening
i can see my kids playing around the garden
cooking dinner for my family
welcome my husband home
give him a hug
let kids hug him
and dinner together
that's how i want to live my life

staying simple has become the motto of my life since i was young
i don't need to be wealthy; being healthy and happy are enough for me
raising my kids in a happy environment 
and i still want to thank GOD that allowed me to meet my fun-loving husband
: )

that's how i think what life is


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Steffi said...

wow.. what a wonderful life.. ^^
God bless u n fam Shelly.. ;p