Thursday, May 5, 2011

Steamed Chinese Egg Cake

It has been a while i do not make a blog post after my arrival in Sydney since 30th of March. Mum, Dad, Sister came to Sydney for holiday. I can't remember how much Fun Time we have spent together, countless!!

Counting from that day, it has been 1 month i didn't fill up my blog. 

Firstly, i was busy spending quality time with fams : ) Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner, all together, Nevertheless, Unlimited chit-chat; Snapping photoes with my new camera (Mr.S gave me surprise when i first stepped in my house in Sydney, the lovely camera was arranged beautifully on my desk, SURPRISE!!!)  

Second, I have been graduated on 8th Of April at NIDA theatre with my lovely friends! Since that day, i have been countlessly searching and applying office job online, desperately hoping for a call, but zero in result : ( 
at least, i have tried my best!! (i haven't give up and still continue to search for treasure) P.S: if it continues, i will do whatever job to fill up my "spare" time and bank account :p

Kitchen Adventure continues though, i have found a new blog on site today. The Steamed Egg Cake at Cooking Crave caught my attention. I know it is yummy and very easy to make,so why not?

simple ingredients required in this process, all adapted from Cooking Crave

5 Eggs
200 g Sugar

100ml Vegetable Oil
130ml Milk

280 g CakeFlour
4 tbsp Custard Powder (I skipped)
2 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
1/4 tsp Salt

Using an electric mixer, generously beat the egg and sugar until very fluffy, and the colour turns pale.
Sieve the flour; baking powder and baking soda, fold it in the egg mixture, combine well.

Add in salt; vegetable oil and milk, combine well.

Line a baking paper on a pan.

Pour the batter in.

Steam on high heat for 30 minutes.

Check with skewer, if it comes out nicely without any cake traces, then you're done.

Happy Cooking!

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