Friday, May 6, 2011

Sweet Sour Chicken Strip

Creating a brand-new theme for my blog has given me a strong will to write up new post as often as possible, hehehe... any comment? does it look better and fresh?

Today's blog will be covered by the tempting topic of Sweet Sour Chicken Strip. For a healthier option, i pan-fried the chicken strip rather than chunks every pieces of chicken into a deep frying oil. Well for me, i will feel guilty whenever i have munched on fried food, oh...fatness, cholesterol!! Too exaggerating? Haha... I am that kind of person. Sometimes i will go for oily food, but, once in a while! 

All you need is patience to cook this dish, small heat is required in this cooking process, we don't want a medium-rare chicken - 3 minutes on each side. Somemore, be ready to not clean your kitchen floor before cooking this dish, ticks for oily floor :p

Serve: 4
400 g Chicken Breast 
Sesame Seeds for garnish
Oil for pan-fry

2 Eggs
150 gr Corn Flour
2 tsp  Chicken Powder
Dash of Black Pepper
Bread Crumbs as needed

3 cloves Garlic
3 tbsp Tomato Sauce
1 tbsp  Chili Sauce
3 tbsp Sugar
50 ml Water
1 tsp Corn Starch diluted in 2 tbsp Water

-Cleanse the chicken, and cut into strips, set aside.
-Mince the garlic with knife, set aside.
-For batter, crack two eggs in a mixing bowl, Beats. Pour in corn flour, and finally season with chicken powder and black pepper, combine well.
-Prepare bread crumbs in a clean plate, set aside.
-On the other side, heat up a non-stick frying pan, prepare for pan-frying those chicken strips.
-Chunk chicken strips in the batter, take out, fold with bread crumbs and gently arrange it on a non-stick frying pan.
-Remember small heat is required, and pan-fry those chicken strips for 3 minutes on each sides, Set aside.
-Line a paper towel in a clean plate to let the oil traces left on chicken be absorbed.
-For gravy, stir fry the garlic until golden brown, add in tomato sauce; chilli sauce and water, let it boil for a while.
-Add in diluted corn starch, turn off the heat if it has turned sticky.
-Add in Sugar, stir well, and finally toss the Chicken Strip in the gravy.
-Garnish with Sesame Seeds, serve warm. 

Happy Cooking,

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