Friday, June 17, 2011

Eating at Cabramatta - Tan Hung Vuong

Whenever we have a day off, we would snip a chance to EAT at Cabramatta...

It is a Paradise, you can find almost everything there!!

Starting from Traditional Kitchen Accessories, Fresh Fruits and Vegies, Fresh Seafood, Poultry, Butcher Shop, Food, Dessert, Plants, everything and EVERYTHING!! They almost have it all, Fantastic!!

Being born with a nature"Housewife" behaviour, i love there, hehehehe... Simplified "Auntie"??? :p

Always favourite Beef Rice Noodle Soup....

Rice Noodle was cooked to perfection, Chewy Thinly Sliced Beef, Nicely Brewed Clear Soup - not too salty nor bland... Topped with Fresh Basil... Hmm...Just Good!!!

Mr.S is being hooked by this Stir Fried Rice Noodle... He eats it everytime he go!! So I can said it is really yummy....

Picture tells everything : )

All Yummies are at:
No 1 Shopping Centre
11/47 Park Road, Cabramatta

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