Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Monster Smoothie

This greenie is the bomb! they look beautiful in green and taste very refreshing...

Finally i have taken courage to try this green monster!

I thought it will be very awful? Spinach + Milk + Banana + some other fruits ?? How can spinach taste good in a smoothie? Eww....

Wrong, wrong Baby... You're wrong!!

After reading a very good review of this Monster everywhere, and also from Skinny Taste (there are lots of low fat recipes there, peeps!!!), i give it a try!!

I think i get hooked : )

Green Monster Smoothie
Serve : 1
100 gr Baby Spinach
200 ml Unsweetened Soya Milk
1 ripe frozen Banana ( i simply peel a banana, cling-wrapped it, and freezed) - they function as an ice cube!
1 tsp sweetener *optional*

Method :
  • As easy as 1,2,3! Put everything in a blender, blend to puree... transfer to a tall glass, Slurrpp!

This Monster are good for detoxing : )

Happy Monster!!


Mochachocolata Rita said...

wow...i really gotta try it, because it's just hard to believe that it's gonna be good huh?

shelly said...

trust me! it's very good! you can add other tropical fruit to boost its taste as well.... i added sweetener to make it even more yummy..hehe...