Friday, March 9, 2012

A Grocery-Freak!

So happy when i saw two boxes of products that i have ordered just last Tuesday!!

Whoever that had brought in my parcel, Thanks!!

Pampered myself with some shopping!


Nooo... They are some organic gluten-free health products purchased from Gluten Free Shop!

And some Protein Shake from Herbalife... Not consuming for weight losing purposes, just to boost up some nutrition, I have had enough with DIET!! healthy is more important than anything... BUTT not too fat ...hehehe...

if i have no time for breakfast, i will had this shake with soya milk : )

I am a grocery-shopaholic!! especially health related products.. Bye 200++ bucks :(

And this is ONLY the complimentary gift that i will throw it away next morning. lol!!

Happy Shopping!!

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